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Our Tomberlin Personal Transportation, LSV Compliant Vehicles


E-Merge GT

Available in 2 - 6 Passenger Configurations

With more and more consumers requesting a “slightly higher” ride in their Tomberlin, we decided to take one of our more sporty models and jack it up to make it sharper than ever! For 2023 the re-designed GT now features: 4 vibrant body colors, 3-inch lifted suspension package, complimenting 15” alloy wheels with 21-inch steel belted radial tires, new upgraded “Vette” carbon black/CoolTouch seats. All of these new features truly compliment the exhilarating performance of the GT with its’ impressive 0-25 mph is 6 seconds and 20-0 mph in 12 ft performance. 


E-Merge SS

Available in 2 - 8 Passenger Configurations


There’s something to admire about the E2 SS Coupe, E4 SS Saloon and E6 SS Coach models that stand the test of time and continue to be a favorite in the market. In addition to Tomberlin’s extensive list of standard features the SS models receive upgraded 14” alloy wheels with steel belted radial and our headliner / audio systems. For 2023 we added to this impressive list by offering: 4 new luxury metallic colors, and improved CoolTouch upholstery.


E-Merge Ghosthawk

Available in 2 - 6 Passenger Configurations


The Ghosthawk has been Tomberlin’s most popular model for several years, and our dealers have insisted on keeping it that way. To keep things fresh and ever-popular for 2023 we’re making a few enhancements, to include: Additional matte body colors for a total of 6 offerings. Redesigned and more comfortable upholstery in 6 new colors, new 14” custom wheels with new 23” hybrid on road/off road or optional street radial tires and to top it off our deluxe LED front bumper now is standard to finish off it’s rugged looks.

Emerge LE Plus.png

E-Merge LE Plus

Available in 2 - 8 Passenger Configurations


Step up in style and comfort with the LE Plus. For 2023 we have packed new features into the LE model’s already impressive list of standard features. New curved diamond luxury seats with a cloth like finish, a new 18-in 300-watt Bluetooth soundbar, and 8 color options will please the most discerning customers.

Tomberlin_2023_Defender_Ghosthawk Golf Cart.png

E-MERGE Ghosthawk Defender Military Color Series

Available in 2 - 6 Passenger Configurations


The new for 2023 Ghosthawk Defender color series features all of the upgrades and rugged good looks of the Ghosthawk model cloaked in 4 new Military inspired gloss colors.

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