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Street Legal vs. LSV


What is the difference between Street legal and LSV? 


Street Legal golf cart refers to a cart that has been modified with the following additions: headlights, tail lights, brake lights, a horn, license plate light, seat belts, turn signals, windshield and a windshield wiper. They must be capable of traveling at least 20 mph, but no more than 25 mph. The cart is also required to be registered with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles to be Street Legal. It carries a serial number and is legal in certain communities. Individual communities decide whether or not to allow Street Legal Golf Carts to be operated on their streets.  Street Legal Carts can cross state routes but cannot be operated on them.  


A Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) is factory built with all the above options, but it has DOT tires and windshield, goes 25 mph and is assigned a 17 digit VIN number (not a serial number). This vehicle can be operated on any street with a posted speed of 35 mph or less, it can cross state routes but cannot be operated on them. 

Please contact us and ask what your community allows!

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